Tragedy in Modiin Illit: 30-Year-Old Falls Three Stories While Building Sukkah, Passes Away


candleA tragedy this evening has shaken the Modi’in Illit community, where a 30-year-old avreich who was building a sukkah on the porch of his home slipped and fell from the fifth floor, landing on the second floor of the building. He was severely hurt and passed away shortly afterwards.

Magen Dovid paramedic Uri Gavriel and Zevulun Katy reported: “It is a residential building. The neighbors said that the avreich fell from very high and landed on the top of a terrace. He was unconscious, with serious injuries. We quickly took him to a hospital. On the way, his condition deteriorated and we performed CPR until we got to the hospital, where doctors confirmed that it was too late.”

In recent years, there have been several cases of people falling from higher floors of buildings during the construction of sukkos.

Umachah Hashem dimah mei’al kol ponim.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. BDE
    What a terrible tragedy to occur before the yom tov of Simcha (happiness)

    think this is bad? it only gets worse R”L..
    look at the recent children tragedies Niftar over the last few weeks.
    1)Daniel Tragerman-son of Doron and Gila of Israel-murdered by a Hamas mortar shell -August 22 2014-4

    2)Aaron sofer-son of Moshe Zvi &Chulda of Lakewood -lost in Israeli forest on hike-August 23 2014-23

    3)Rivka Weinman a”h-daughter of Shalom and Malky of lakewood-MVA in catskills-August 24 2014-5

    4)Yoav Speigelman Z”L-of Yahud Israel -mother forgot & left him in car alone-September 5 2014-2

    5)Naftoli Yankiver Z”L-son of Mrs. Shifra of Ukraine & Lakewood -September 6 2014-31

    6)woman not feeling well & collapsed with cardiac arrest in Bnei Brak-September 8 2014-26

    7)Yiftach Rapaport-of kibbutz kfar menachem Israel-struck & killed by vehicle while crossing road- September 16 2014-8

    8)Tova Fraida Danziger-Chestnut Ridge NY-van backed into her-September 20 2014-18 months

    9)Child dropped by brother & fell-Beit Shemesh Israel-September 23 2014-6 months

    (the list continues with many more children niftar young & in strange ways R”L)

    TEARS are rolling down my cheeks as I write this sad message R”L which could’ve been totally avoided.

    Look at their young ages & the ways they were Niftar. in such a short span of time. do YOU think this is coincidence? TIME FOR TESHUVA

    NO MORE SIGNS OF TRAGEDIES NEEDED FROM HASHEM if we all start teshuva NOW we won’t need any more of these tragic wake-up calls from Hashem

    May his neshama have an Aliya

  2. He was a 43 year old bachur. How sad????
    to #1: The list is a lot longer….. one including a neighbor of ours; a most vibrant, successful in and out of the home mother with 4 kids; diagnosed pesach time and niftar erev rosh hashana. Us as neighbors are having a hard time getting over this. Another woman that actually fostered her grandson since he lost both his parents in an accident when he was a baby. His bar mitzva was a very very planned one. Many pple being invited by te grandmoter; the simcha everyone waited for. That this little orphan that was left alone now is being bar mitzva ( I was invited) and on erev rosh hashana the grandmother (the one he called mommy his whole life) had a sudden heart attack and was nifter.The list is too long… No point in sitting and crying without doing anything about it. Lemmi go and do something lekovod yom tov now and may all the bereaved and grieving and pained; all of klal yisroel be zoche for the geula shleima bekarov mamish.

  3. to #7 & everyone

    the situation in klal yisroel is a sad & very tragic situation. we have lowered ourselves to the level & generation of self-centeredness & instant gratification, where everything is ME, ME & ME maybe if I have time I will include my wife & children… if I have even more I will include my neighbors & cousins.

    We have a major problem in today’s generation it’s called FACING REALITY. What happens today when tragedy strikes C”V? we block it from our faces and say “what does Hashem want from me? ” I have nothing to do with this tragedy that occurred to us C”V & we wipe it away & forget about it R”L

    But the truth is that we really do get the wake up call from Hashem to do teshuva we just can’t admit it to ourselves. So we leave Hashem no choice but to keep on sending us wake up calls.

    to help you understand with a true mashal (parable)
    i.e. how many thousands of accidents have occurred because of texting & driving? or not wearing a reflector at night? why have we not learnt from these tragedies to stop texting? the situation has gotten so bad to the point that if C”V someone heard that his own neighbor/friend got into a MVA caused by texting we still wont learn from it. so what are we all doing? a person is C”V putting a klala on himself & laughing at hashem saying ha ha you can’t get me to stop texting unless you make something happen to me C”V

    I really cry when I see klal yisroel as a nation going through a series of non stop tragedies and hope we do teshuva very soon


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