[Communicated] This past Friday ,Yerushalayim was thrown into shock and immense sadness, as news of the shocking passing of a 45 year old avreich spread.

Rabbi Boruch Brizel, an einekel of Hatzadik R’ Luzer Brizel zt”l and a beloved and respected yungerman from Beitar, collapsed last week in his home in cardiac arrest—with no prior warning signs.

After an agonizing week spent in an attempt to treat him culminated with his tragic petirah, throwing an entire community into mourning.

Adding to this tragedy is the bereft family of an almanah and an astounding ten orphans—all unmarried.

Rabbi Brizel was known for his kindness, his yir’as Shamayim, and his radiant countenance wherever he went, and he made an honest living selling tefillin.

His large family is now left without a breadwinner. They have no one to help them—only kindhearted acheinu bnei Yisroel.

unnamedCan we stand by as an almanah and her yesomim ponder how they will put bread on the table after suddenly losing their beloved father?

Please contribute generously to this campaign that is endorsed by leading Rabbanim, and let us together bring relief to this devastated family.

In this merit, may you and your family only know of happiness and revealed blessing.

Please click here to donate.

questions? call 347 853 1944.

> > To Donate by Mail:
Cong Bais Ahron
c/o Brizel orphans
120 Vintage Circle
Lakewood NJ 08701

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