Toys ‘R’ Us Considers Closing All of Its U.S. Stores 

Troubled toy chain Toys “R” Us Inc. is preparing to liquidate all of its U.S. stores and abandon efforts to restructure through the bankruptcy process, people familiar with the matter said, after a weak holiday season torpedoed plans to reorganize, the WALL STREET JOURNAL.
The big box retailer filed for chapter 11 protection in September with the hopes of reorganizing its roughly $5 billion debt load, revamping its stores and operations, and continuing as a mainstay toy business.
The company recently announced plans to close 184 stores, or about 20% of its roughly 800 U.S. stores, as it worked with creditors to restructure its debts. But now it is now evaluating bids to liquidate the remainder of its U.S. locations, the people said.  An announcement could come as soon as Monday when the parties are expected to appear at a bankruptcy hearing in Richmond, Va., the people said.


  1. Low birth rate=no kids
    No kids= no need for toys
    No need for toys= no demand for toys even during holiday season
    No demand for toys even in holiday season= no more toys are us

  2. Logic,

    While you have a point, I think it is more that today’s kids are more occupied with technology games, which is downloaded or purchased online. I wonder if all games like board games etc have seen a major increase.

  3. Another liberal corporation bites the dust. A few years ago ToysRus succumbed to the militant toeiva pressure, and adopted “gender neutrality” as a company policy. These wall street establishment CEO’s are liberals first and capitalists second.

  4. I guess you are all right.
    Amazon did take some of toys r us business.
    Parnasa is from shomayim, therefore at any point in time a business can close. But lets not forget Hashem let’s us use his world by natural laws. On the other hand what anonymous 4 said they lost their bracha when they adopted toeva policies.
    It could very well be that a lot was lost due to the influx of technological games downloaded/bought online-since I’m living in eretz yisroel, I’m a little naive to that option,since my reality was not that with my own kids. When they were younger they always had all sorts of games that required thinking, that even past their baby years (ages 16+) would have friends over and play into the small hours of the night games like,stratigo,monopoly,chess,risk;we’re not talking about light years ago, we are talking in the last few years.


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