Town Rabbonim Get A Raise


In accordance with coalition agreements made between Shas and the current government, Deri and Minister of Religious Affairs David Azulai arranged that rabbis appointed after September 2006 will now receive increases in their salaries to partially compensate for drastic cuts instated by Tommy Lapid’s party in 2005.

Rabbonim of towns with up to 5,000 residents will now receive 22,772 shekels monthly, an increase of 6,000 shekels. Salaries increase according to town size, with the rov of a town of 250,000 residents receiving 33,958 shekels a month.

“The position of town rov is one of the most important in delivering religious services on behalf of religious councils,” the wage increase proposition explained. “He is spiritual leader and supreme poseik in all matters of religion and halacha in the town. The current wages do not properly reflect the tasks and the great responsibilities and powers vested in the town rov.

{ Israel}


  1. For Israel that’s an amazing salary! (Even the 22K one…33K is even more amazing! I make between 24-28K a month and I’m considered to be “rich” in the charedi communities here…) If that Rav has a Rebbetzin that works as well they are making a pretty good living and if they save their money could marry off their children b’kavod as well…Even giving a dira (or at least part of one…)


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