Totty Time: New Bill To Give Israeli Fathers Eight Days Of Paid Paternity Leave


babyA Knesset committee has approved a bill that will grant new fathers in Israel eight days of paternity leave.

The bill, which was submitted by MK Tamar Zandberg, from the left-leaning party Meretz, enjoys support from across the political spectrum including the right-leaning party HaBayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home). It will now go to the full Knesset for a reading.

The bill gives new fathers three days of paid leave and five days of paid sick leave, to be paid by the employer.

“This bill will let fathers be partners and help begin their connection with their child. The model of equal parenthood is encouraged throughout the Western world, and this bill could be a first step in this direction,” Zandberg told Haaretz.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Good bill. I think a lot of European countries have similar regulations. Too bad our supposedly “family-values” centered society can’t do the same here in the US.


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