Torah Torah Chigri Sak: Harav Hagaon Rav Shmuel Auerbach zt”l


It is with great sadness that reports the passing of Rav Shmuel Auerbach zt”l, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Maalos Hatorah of Yerushalayim. He was 86.

Rav Auerbach suffered a heart attack after feeling heart pains on Friday night. A team of doctors tried to perform CPR and Rav Auerbach was taken to Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

Rav Auerbach was a son of the renowned posek, Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Kol Torah.

Rav Auerbach was born on September 21, 1931, the eldest son of Rav Shlomo Zalman and Rebbetzin Chaya Rivka (nee Ruchamkin) Auerbach. He was raised in the Yerushalayim neighborhood of Shaarei Chesed.

When he became of marriageable age, Rav Auerbach married his wife, Rebbetzin Rochel, nee Paksher. Rebbetzin Auerbach passed away on January 11, 1990. Rav Auerbach named his mussar sefer Ohel Rochel in her memory.

Rav and Rebbetzin Auerbach did not merit to have children.

In addition to serving as rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Maalos HaTorah, he was the nosi of Yeshivas Midrash Shmuel and Yeshivas Toras Simcha. For a short time, he also served as one of the roshei yeshiva of Yeshivas Itri in Jerusalem.

Rav Auerbach was the head of the Bnei Torah party, colloquially referred to as “Etz,” which he founded.

The levayah will be held Sunday morning at 11 a.m. at Yeshiva Maalos Hatorah, followed by kevurah on Har Hamenuchos.

Yehi zichro boruch.



  1. This year we already lost a gadol, Maran Rav Shteinman. And now Maran Rav Aurbach. These two giants that we lost were some of the biggest losses in Klal Yisroel.
    I think something is going on and we all must do tishuvah. R’ Shtienman zt’l was nifter the week of Chanukkah. And now its the week of Purim. As Purim approaches, we must think of what we have done wrong and may we merit to see mashiach very soon!
    Yehi Zichron Baruch! Huge loss!

  2. Reb Yid. I had a very similar thought to yours. While it’s true that R’ Shteinman ZT”L was niftar week of Chanuka and then look what happened at the end of Chanuka – R’ SM Rubashkin goes out! – Just maybe Hashem will lift Klal Yisroel again with Besura Tova – with the annonting of Moshiach! Maybe. Just maybe. Hashem is with us. We have to tune in and do our part. Besuros Tovos L’chol Am Yisroel!

  3. Shavuah Tov,
    You are right! May Hashem help that we only see simchos and good Mazel!
    Matzav, can you please post pictures and videos from Levayah?
    Baruch Dayan Ha’emes!


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