Torah New York – A Day of Limmud HaTorah and Achdus


Klal Yisrael stood before Har Sinai to accept the Torah as one, k’ish echad b’lev echad. Despite the differences of the twelve shevatim, we rallied around our one Torah, and our common goal of Avodas Hashem. In our times, it is not so often that we have opportunities to demonstrate our bonds of nationhood, and our shared yearning for kirvas Elokim.

Torah New York on April 29th indoors at Citi Field, will be one such opportunity.

We will gather with other Yidden from across the spectrum of the tri-state Orthodox community, to learn Torah together, and to reaffirm our collective commitment to Torah and Mitzvos. The Orthodox Union’s second annual day of Torah will present more than thirty speakers: Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbonim, noted scholars and lecturers, and communal leaders, who will be giving shiurim on a vast range of topics. The shiurim will cover not only different areas of halacha and hashkafa, but will offer many approaches and levels, giving everyone the chance to find the chelek in Torah that most personally speaks to them.

Torah New York promises to be a day of limmud haTorah and achdus that you do not want to miss. Please visit to view the speakers, topics, and schedule, as well as additional programming and sponsorship opportunities.

Register today HERE while space is still available, to be a part of this incredible experience, lichvod haMakom u’lichvod haTorah!


  1. Who exactly are the rabbonim. Will there be separate seating. Once you advertise different hashkofas,beware. Will open orthodox rabbis speak after all they are members of the ou.


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