Top IDF General: Hezbollah Still Plans to Invade Parts of Northern Israel in Future War


Hezbollah has not abandoned its plans to invade parts of northern Israel during a future conflict, a top IDF office said in interview excerpts published on Thursday.

“We, of course, will not let that happen,” outgoing GOC Northern Command Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick told the Hebrew news site Ynet.

Strick — who is finishing up a two-year stint as the head of the Northern Command — said he had “no doubt” the IDF would win any potential war in the north.

According to Strick, the IDF has been “most effective” in pushing the Iranians back from the border with Israel in southern Syria in recent years.

Strick also expressed a “high degree of confidence” that the threat posed by Hezbollah-built tunnels under the Israel-Lebanon border was eliminated during Operation Northern Shield this past winter.

He added, “Can they [the tunnels] be developed again? I hope not.”

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  1. overconfidence amongst Zionist generals has led them to losing many Jewish soldiers since they think the primitive Arabs cant fight.


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