Too Poor for War: Pentagon Says US Army at ‘High Risk’


us-armyThe budget crisis may be temporarily subdued, but Pentagon and Army officials say declining budgets means the country is ill equip to handle defense.

A briefing last month for Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Cartor deemed plans to downsize forces to below the 490,000 active-duty soldiers it plans to have by 2017, at “high risk to meet one major war,” and says war is likely to break out again. But critics say the Army just needs to restructure and optimize efficiency, and the non-partisan Stimson Center deemed 450,000 soldiers not too small for a counterinsurgency and stability operations. Read more at USA Today.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. In other words,the Pentagon will put out adverts in all the worlds major newspapers that”The us military regret to inform all it’s enemies,that due to it’s economic woe’s it finds itself,untill further notice unable to defend itself,or to launch an attack,as it often has done in the past with very mixed results,and fully trusts all its adversaries to respect it’s position until the situation improves,so that the centuries old American dream can once again be fantasised upon. With blessings of peace, G-D bless America, Barak Obama,Commander-In-Chief.


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