Too Lazy to Run An Errand? Here’s Your Eitzah


vanLakewood, NJ – has learned of a new service, Errands 4 You, an innovative new idea offering to ease a pressured schedule.

Matzav spoke with the organizers of this new “chap” to learn about more.

“In light of the fact that so many in Lakewood are dedicated to the welfare of others, be it in actual Torah study, in an educational capacity or a Chesed organization, many a time a personal agenda can become overburden and/or selflessly neglected in deference to the Chavrusa, student or Chesed project,”  the  Errands 4 You coordinator told in an interview yesterday. “Naturally every home can use an extra driver to run errands from time to time, and many would forgo a babysitter hassle if there was a viable option.”

With this in mind,  Errands 4 You has organized an economical recourse to assist with those trivial yet ever demanding errands that must be performed, yet can easily be delegated for another to accomplish. In a reciprocal vein, many relate to a demanding schedule and can avail themselves to assist another.

“Errands 4 You is far more than just a messenger service,” was told. “Errands 4 You is a service which provides assistance with all kinds of errands and chores that you need done, at reasonable rates.”

The Errands 4 You service has been established in recognition that a schedule can simply be overloaded and a pair of reliable extra hands would ease any burden. A phone-call to Errands 4 You to run a light shopping errand can ease the hassle of finding a babysitter, or allow peace of mind for those with a pressing matter that must be taken care of, such as paying a utility bill in person; yet find themselves bogged down with prior responsibilities and commitments. Errands 4 You can assist most any event or job type.

Errands 4 You Services the following and more: Pick-Up, Drop-Off, Delivery, Round Trip, Messenger, Packages, Light Shopping, Wal-Mart, ShopRite, Center of Town, Home Depot, Cleaners, Pharmacy, Fast Food, Etc…. T’Vilas Kailim, Utilities, Mail Pick-up, Getting Ready For A Simcha or Event, etc… Briefcases, Notes, Seforim, Homework, etc….

Errands 4 You is not a passenger service.

Errands 4 You is available from 8:00am until 11:30pm daily, and on Thursday night and Motzei Shabbos until 2:00am. No need to schedule an appointment. For other times, or to be assures a specific time slot, schedule an appointment. For Errands 4 You service, call: 732-228-3527.

All other questions can be directed to 732-806-0030 or

Errands 4 You tells that it can use additional drivers. “We are seeking Bnei Torah who have the capacity and time to help others and enjoy doing so. Please have a reliable car, a good driving record, a credible reference, and a set time that you would be available. Please note: all errands are by dispatch, are non-commissioned, and are priced only to compensate expense and time. For more information please call 732-806-0030 or email:”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. “Errands 4 You is an innovative new idea offering to ease a pressured schedule. . . The Errands 4 You service has been established in recognition that a schedule can simply be overloaded, and a pair of reliable extra hands would ease any burden.”

    If this service is for people who are overburdened with items that need to get done,

    why is the title of this article, “Too LAZY to Run An Errand?”

    Those who need this service are not LAZY; they simply have too many items that NEED to get done and could use some help.

    B”H and Yasher Koach to the people who came up with this idea and who participate in this service.

  2. PLEASE CHANGE the title there are many people who are overloaded with work why do we have to be so negative someone came up with a creative idea to help people and make some money why do we have to bash everything

  3. this is not a new idea. it had been done in manhatan by a non-jewish company. the business shortly collapsed as it became clear that a company has to have one stated product not servicing cleints at their random whims.

  4. There is a sizable and growing company offering this on the west coast, called TaskRabbit. It has proven highly successful for both those working on the chores and those on the receiving end.

    Baruch hashem this business innovation has come to the frum community in what looks like a kasher vyashar manner. May they have only mazel and bracha min hashamyim.


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