Too Busy For Bibi: White House Declines Netanyahu Request To Meet With Obama


obama-netanyahuBarack has no time for Bibi.

The White House declined Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s request today to meet President Barack Hussein Obama during the UN conference in New York at the end of the month.

An official in Yerushalayim said that the prime minister’s office sent the White House a message stating that although Netanyahu will spend only two and a half days on U.S. soil, he is interested in meeting Obama and is willing to travel to the U.S. capital specifically for that purpose, reports Haaretz.

The White House rejected the request, the official stated. The White House explained that at this time Obama’s schedule does not allow for a meeting.

The White House’s response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama, underscored by the fact that this is the first time Netanyahu will visit the U.S. as prime minister without meeting the president.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Obama is right.. He’s busy packing all his furniture and belongings , Because he’s moving out soon and it’s especially difficult because he has to move his mother in laws stuff also

  2. I’m proud of Matzav for having the courage to use our president’s full, Arabic, name – something he and his handlers carefully keep hidden for obvious political reasons.

    It should not surprise anyone that our president is shunning the Israeli leader once again. He clearly favors his Arab brothers, as clearly demonstrated by one of his very first orders of business as president – wooing the Arab and Muslim countries.

    Any of us that continue to support this president is – in the words of the great Rabbi Meir Kahana, HY”D – “A liberal, self-hating Jew.” Nothing less.

  3. I feel quite certain that the future President,Mitt Romney will make time to meet with Mr Natanyahu.Why not take a chance and brief him before Mr Obama does

  4. Why blame Obama? Blame Bibi for allowing himself to be treated like the mayor of a small American town and giving up his country’s sovereignty to be Obama’s puppet. Israelis have no backbone except when it comes to Jew-bashing. Anything else, when they say “jump!” the Israelis yell “how high?!”

  5. Between all the rounds of golf (could you imagine how the media would crucify Bush if he played half as much golf as Obama, but as usual, Obama gets a pass, but I digress) and the announcement (after telling Israel he’s to busy to worry about another potential holocaust) that Obama will be on Letterman, he will indeed be way too busy to meet about Israel’s survival.

    And the best part of it is that the the liberal Jews will vote for Obama, their messianic saviour, anyways. Aint liberalism great?

  6. we shouldn’t be surprised! At the same time Bibi should tone it down a bit (publicly) lest he be considered, as the media is potrying him, as “war mongering” and merely “bluffing”.


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