Tonight: Tiferes Devorah L’Kallah: A Milestone Melava Malka


After nineteen years of assisting over 2,000 Lakewood families, Tiferes Devorah L’Kallah is virtually a household name in the community. The organization will be holding its annual melava malka tonight, Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach, December 17th. The melava malka will pay tribute to guests of honor Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Szanzer. The Keser Shem Tov Award will be presented to Mr. and Mrs. Schneur Stefansky. Rav Dov Kahan, rov of the Arlington Shul, and Rav Meir Reuvein Berkovits, rov of Whispering Pines-Sefard, will be presented with the Keser Torah Awards. R’ Yirmiyahu Rieder will serve as dinner chairman and R’ Sender Lerner as journal chairman.

Helping When It’s Most Needed

When a young lady gets engaged, the entire family is enveloped by a wave of simcha and excitement – a kallah, a chosson, and the future of a new home in Klal Yisroel. Yet, it doesn’t take long for the financial realities to set in. Besides for the actual wedding, the costs of setting up a home can be prohibitive. While most people somehow find the financial wherewithal to purchase the essentials for a home, there are so many families who simply cannot afford these basics. The financial and emotional burden can completely undermine the atmosphere of simcha in the home.

Tiferes Devorah L’Kallah is passionately committed to alleviating this overwhelming burden and ensuring that the engagement and wedding are joyous and stress-free times.

Growing with the Community

Initially founded in 1997 as Simchas Kallah, the fledgling organization assisted the handful of financially-challenged Lakewood families making weddings. In 2003, the organization was renamed after Mrs. Devorah Jurkanski a”h and shifted into high-gear, expanding its scope to address the rapidly growing community and the increasing number of families needing assistance. Today, TDL has evolved into a sophisticated and efficient entity, servicing more than 250 Lakewood kallahs annually, with more than 2,000 assisted to date. Sophistication notwithstanding, TDL still maintains the same warmth and personal attention as always.

The Whole Nine Yards

TDL’s kallah packages are remarkably comprehensive, including two sets of bedding and linen, towels, a full array of appliances, dishes, flatware, tablecloth, a dinette set, sheva brochos clothing vouchers for the kallah and her mother, and even a shaitel. The package has a $5,000 value, with much of what a kallah needs to establish her new home. But it’s not just about quantity: TDL kallahs are treated to a showroom experience, choosing from a wide selection of up-to-date, quality items that would make any kallah proud. With TDL’s trademark sensitivity and discretion, each kallah works with the designated TDL showroom assistant of her choice. The TDL shopping experience is identical to that of shopping in a conventional store – minus the price tag.

TDL also assists families with different levels of financial needs, offering modified less-inclusive packages, or the option of purchasing the full package at TDL cost price.

A Milestone Event

Tiferes Devorah L’Kallah is celebrating the milestone of having helped over 2,000 kallahs since its inception 19 years ago. This is a most meaningful milestone for an organization that has played such a pivotal role in launching the foundations of so many lives. It’s a time to reflect on past accomplishments, and to build on TDL’s strengths in anticipating and meeting the community’s growing needs of the future.

A special streamlined and engaging program is planned, with a gourmet melava malka to be served. It’s a wonderful opportunity for members of the Lakewood community to become a part of this special mitzvah of being mesamei’ach chosson vekallah and to show they care.

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