Tonight: SCHI of Lakewood Anniversary Dinner


schiThis evening, the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI) will hold its 17th Anniversary Dinner at Lake Terrace Hall. Parents, families and friends from all over will gather to celebrate the phenomenal accomplishments of the special students of SCHI.

In the past, parents of special needs children, armed only with limited resources, have had to stand by helplessly as their children struggled to succeed. Since its inception seventeen years ago, SCHI’s warm and dedicated staff has helped these children surpass even the highest expectations. SCHI services children and adults with over 30 different diagnoses. Over 50 former SCHI students are now enrolled in mainstream schools. SCHI offers therapy free of charge to students who cannot afford services and experiences a deficit of over $1 million per year.

At the dinner, the guests of honor will be Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Furer. Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Brodt will receive the Kesser Shem Tov Award. Rabbi and Mrs. Isaac Akerman, deputy mayor of Lakewood, will receive the Osek Bitzorchei Tzibbur Award. Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Bak will be honored as Parents of the Year. The Staff Appreciation Award will be presented to Claire Mager, Jeanne Faarup, Esther Pernikoff and Danielle Piccione, the school nurses at SCHI.

The dinner is being dedicated in memory of Suri Brisk a”h, a devoted SCHI staff member.

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