Tonight: Mesivta of Long Beach Dinner


rav-yitzchok-feigelstockTonight, the Mesivta of Long Beach will be holding its 46th Anniversary Dinner at the Ateres Avrohom Hall in Williamsburg.

At the dinner, the Netziv Keren HaTorah Award will be presented to Yossie Brachfeld. The Netziv Marbitz Torah Aware will be given to Rabbi Eliezer Herzka. The Netziv Keser Torah Award will be given to Rabbi Avraham Maizes. The Netzivei Mesoras Hatorah Award will be presented to Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Lefkovitz.

The dinner chairman is Rabbi Asher Dicker.

Ateres Avrohom is located at 75 Ross Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Mesivta of Long Beach is led by the beloved rosh hayeshiva, Harav Yitzchok Feigelstock shlita.

{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. The Mesivta Bochurim would like to extend a hartzege Yasher Koach and Hakaras Hatov to Harav Eli Fruchthandler for his phenomenal Shiurim in the afternoon!

  2. Rabbi Fruchthandler is the renowned former Menahel and Magid Shiur of the Bayswater Yeshiva which unfortunately closed down.
    He is a tremendous asset to Long Beach, delivering phenomenal Shiurim daily!


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