Tonight: Massive Asifas Zikaron in Yerushalayim for Chacham Ovadiah zt”l


chacham-ovadiah-yosefTonight, a massive memorial ceremony will be held in Yerushalayim, on Rechov Bar Ilan and Shmuel Hanovi, to mark one week since the petirah of Chacham Ovadiah Yosef.

Yerushalayim police will be shutting down major streets starting at about 3:30 p.m.. These include parts of Rechov Yirmiyahu, Rechov Bar Ilan, Sderot Golda Meir, Rechov Shmuel Hanovi and Sederot Levi Eshkol.

The Sanhedria bais hachaim will be closed started at 2 p.m. to anyone without special authorization to enter.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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