Tonight: K’hal Zichron Yaakov to Celebrate 25 Years of Torah, Tefillah and Ahavas Yisroel


rav-shlomo-gissingerLakewood, NJ – For the “old-timers” at K’hal Zichron Yaakov, it might seem difficult to believe that 25 years have passed since a few intrepid families settled on the “other side of the lake” and joined Rav Shlomo Gissinger in forming a new kehillah. Much has changed. The basement shul has been replaced by a structure of soaring beauty. The handful of families has grown into a vibrant community. The far-flung location has become “central Lakewood,” attracting hundreds of people each week to a busy schedule of minyanim, shiurim and learning programs.

On the other hand, some things have not changed at all. The close-knit sense of community that has characterized this shul since its inception is still palpable. Rav Gissinger, who has emerged as a world-renowned posek, still provides an open door for simple day-to-day shailos. The rov‘s stature, combined with his unassuming, friendly demeanor, makes K’hal Zichron Yaakov an inclusive spiritual home for accomplished talmidei chachomim, devoted baalei batim, and baalei teshuvah as well. All can find within the shul a place to nurture their strengths and grow in Torah, tefillah and ahavas chessed.

The vibrant character of the shul arises from its roots. When Rav Gissinger founded it in 1987, his goal was to perpetuate the ideals and lifestyle of his rebbi, Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky zt”l.  Rav Gissinger credits the kehillah’s success to its effort to fulfill the mission of “striving to daven, learn and interact with others in a manner consistent with Rav Yaakov’s teachings and personal example.”


Rav Gissinger’s influence, however, reaches far beyond the New England Village neighborhood where the shul is located. He is a sought-after posek in many complex areas of halacha. He continues to guide couples from Lakewood and all over the world who seek help with fertility. His acquired in-depth medical knowledge, added to his expertise in the relevant halachos, have helped countless couples find the assistance they need.

In the field of kashrus, particularly insect infestation, Rav Gissinger is among the preeminent experts, having done much to raise awareness and standards in this area. His expertise is sought by kashrus organizations and poskim throughout the country.

In addition to his stature as a talmid chochom, Rav Gissinger’s warmth and ahavas Yisroel have brought many Jews closer to Yiddishkeit. Whether speaking at a kiruv Shabbaton or hosting not-yet-observant families at his and his rebbetzin‘s Shabbos table, Seder table or sukkah, the rov has succeeded in opening many Jewish hearts to the wisdom and beauty of their heritage.


Over the years, as the activities of the kehillah and its rov expanded, the shul building required expansion as well. The shul moved into its beautifully designed, spacious new building on Shavuos, 2006.

Built with acoustics in mind, the sound of davening reverberating throughout the majestic shul stirs instant inspiration in anyone who takes part. In fact, hundreds of mispallelim each day come through K’hal Zichron Yaakov’s doors, taking advantage of its full schedule of Shacharis, Minchah and Maariv minyanim. In this capacity, the shul serves a vital function to the many hundreds of families who now reside “on the other side of the lake.”

In addition, the shul‘s soaring windows and airy interior provide a backdrop for a whole new, expanded area of activities. These include Rabbi Eli Oelbaum’s well-attended Chol Hamoed learning program, which draws boys from throughout the area; a monthly hosting of the popular “Shmuz”; a “Lunch and Learn” shiur offered throughout the week to provide working men with a reenergizing learning break; several Daf Yomi shiurim; and a variety of other shiurim on Shabbos and throughout the week.


To help maintain this shul, which has grown from a small, local kehillah into a vibrant mosad with an impact on all of Lakewood and well beyond, K’hal Zichron Yaakov will host its 25th Anniversary Dinner tonight at Ateres Reva Hall in Lakewood.

Dr. and Mrs. David Lieberman will be the guests of honor. Dr. Lieberman is a well-known psychologist and author.

Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Schwab, who exemplify the ideals of true bnei Torah, will be honored with the Amud HaTorah Award.

With the designation of the Kehilla Service Award, the shul will recognize three of its founding families who have continued, throughout two and a half decades, to devote their considerable talents and energy to the kehillah in a wide variety of capacities. The awardees are Rabbi and Mrs. Hillel Danziger, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Danziger and Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Danziger.

In addition, the dinner will include a special memorial tribute to two beloved mispallelim, R’ Bruce Goldner and R’ Dov Goren, who have left a lasting legacy of friendship and commitment to the kehillah.

A special commemorative journal will be distributed at the dinner.

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