Tonight in Chutz Laaretz: Spring Forward One Hour


clock daylight savingsAt 2 a.m. tonight, Motzoei Shabbos/Sunday, March 9, clocks in chutz la’aretz will move an hour ahead – or spring forward – to begin daylight saving time 2014.

One day the weather will turn toward actual warmth. Add that to the extra hour of sunlight to those temperatures, and you may feel your mood change, too.

“Most people can switch their schedules right away. It really depends on the individual and how much stress they have in their lives,” naturopathic doctor Chamandeep Bali of Toronto told The Huffington Post. “If you’re the type of person who is always ‘go go go’, you’ll be sleeping less.”

Many electronic devices, like your cell phone and computer, automatically adjust when Daylight Saving Time begins or ends.

{ Newscenter}


  1. By “chutz la’aretz” they mean the US and Canada. Obviously, other countries in chutz la’araetz have their own DST schedules, or no DST at all.


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