Tonight in Brooklyn: Misaskim Offers Magnificent Waltzing Waters to Community


waltzing-watersc2aeBrooklyn, NY – The well-known Misaskim organization is offering a magnificent Waltzing Waters show to the community tonight, at 9:00 and 10:15 pm, at the corner of 36th St. and Church Ave.

The Waltzing Waters will be part of a special Chol Hamoed for yesomim, but will then be offered to the community at large as a public service.

Waltzing Waters®, Inc. was the first fountain company in the world to incorporate high-tech dichroic filters integrated within submersible lighting. These produce brilliant, saturated colors, up to four times brighter than ordinary fountain lighting. This lighting combined with the spectacular effects produced by Waltzing Waters®, evokes the description “liquid fireworks,” a term frequently coined by the public when viewing the shows.

Misaskim is known for their dedication and skilled attentiveness to detail, whether it is for a community event or on the scene of a disaster. Founded in 1999, Misaskim is well known for its services to thousands of mourners who receive the required special furniture, Sifrei Torah, and even air conditioners. It is also the major force in the community in preparedness for any possible disaster with a full team of volunteer rescuers as well as a sophisticated communications center and emergency equipment.

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