Tonight: Dinner to Help Monsey’s Renowned Tzedakah Fund Kupath Ezra


One of Monsey’s oldest charity organizations is calling on residents to gather tonight at the Atrium Plaza to help fund their noble activities.

There are countless families in our community who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. No food on their table, utility shut off notices, children wearing torn clothes and shoes, even on Shabbos. Kupath Ezrah is always there helping, every day, every month, all year around.

What Kupath Ezrah Does: Simply put, it keeps Jewish families and individuals from failing and falling. For almost 60 years, many thousands have been helped to survive, with dignity and compassion. Their main concern is to maintain the dignity of the recipients, helping them in the most discreet way possible, including monthly and Yom Tov stipends, providing a reliable source of supplemental income to those who would otherwise be unable to meet basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

Now, Kupath Ezrah needs your help!

Founded in 1959 by Rabbi Hershel Mashinsky Z”L and Mr. Sam Nussbaum Z”L, Kupath Ezrah was established to address the crisis of poverty in the greater Monsey community. 55 years later, what started as a small project has evolved into a multifaceted organization with an annual budget exceeding $2 million.

Kupath Ezrah is unique because it belongs to the community and tends to the needs of all Jews without exception. Kupath Ezrah is a beacon of hope and support to families in need.

Kupath Ezra is currently supporting more than 600 families throughout the year and applications for help continue to pour in. As one of its primary functions, Kupath Ezra has been providing monthly stipends to needy families in a confidential and respectful manner, but due to the dramatic increase in the number of families desperate for financial assistance they cannot meet this growing demand without your generosity.

Since Kupath Ezrah’s inception, more than $30 million was distributed and have never faced a time when we were unable to send monthly stipends to those in need. However, this month we do not have the funds to support the families who rely on us and have had to delay our assistance, causing pain and embarrassment to members of our community who cannot afford basic necessities.

Kupath Ezrah is a recognized 501c3 charitable organization and is endorsed by leading Rabbonim. 100% of donations go directly to needy families. All donations are tax exempt.

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