Tonight: Bonei Olam Lakewood Dinner


The Lakewood community is abuzz with preparations for the Bonei Olam Fundraising Dinner. Thousands of men have turned out at parlor meetings in the past few weeks, showing their support for the Bonei Olam cause.

Bonei Olam isn’t just about helping out strangers. It is our friends and family who need help, and it is therefore our responsibility to show our support and partner with Bonei Olam to help continue its work. had the opportunity to sit down with the talented team that has been planning the gala dinner, which will be held at Lake Terrace Hall tonight. We got a peek behind the curtain at what is sure to be a most spectacular experience.

Bonei Olam has significantly cut down on the traditional parts of the dinner program and brought in singer Benny Friedman, who will be performing in an intimate, unplugged style. The guest speaker will be Rabbi YY Jacobson, known for his inspirational speeches.

The décor will be creative and the exquisite menu will feature gourmet dishes.

Moshe Silberberg (Kesser Shem Tov Award), Mr. and Mrs. Naftuli Neuman (Building Worlds Award), Mr. and Mrs. Eli Frankel (Bonei Olam Partners Award), Mr. and Mrs. Pinchos Dovid (P.D.) Roth, (Bonei Olam Award), and Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Amrum Strauss (Pillars of Compassion Award). The honorary dinner hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Sendy Hartstein. Mr. Rephoel Rockove will be the campaign chairman. The honorary chairman is Mr. Binyomin Weiss.

This year, as in the past, everyone who participates will walk away knowing that they are part of something so much bigger than themselves, yet so close to home.



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