TONIGHT: Bais Tova to Celebrate Achievements at 16th Anniversary Dinner


This evening, Bais Tova Elementary School of Lakewood, NJ, will hold its 16th Anniversary Dinner at N’eemas Hachaim Hall, located at 555 Oak Street in Lakewood, NJ.

The reception will begin at 7 p.m., followed by the dinner at 7:30 p.m.

Bais Tova will pay tribute to exemplary individuals who reflect the ideals and values the school holds dear. Rabbi and Mrs. Itchy Goldbrenner will receive the Ateres Zekeinim Award, Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom Snow will receive the Harbatzas Hatorah Award, Rabbi and Mrs. Chesky Landau will receive the Kesser Shem Tov Award, and Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Yehuda Brecher will receive the Tiferes Bonim Award. Motivated by strong feelings of hakoras hatov to the school, and recognizing the trailblazing accomplishments of Bais Tova in the world of chinuch habanos, these individuals have graciously accepted to serve as honorees at the dinner.

The dinner will feature zemiros from the Meshorerim Choir accompanied by yeled hapeleh Avrom Chaim Green.

The campaign chairmen are Rabbi Menashe Frankel and Rabbi Aaron Stefansky. The dinner chairmen are Rabbi Sholom Gray and Rabbi Yisroel Jacobovits. The journal chairmen are Rabbi Moshe Fink and Rabbi Yisroel Perlow.

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It was a comment made several years ago at the annual dinner of Bais Tova Girls School – a comment that encapsulates what the school is all about.

“Bais Tova is kishmah kein hu,” said the dinner chairman. “The kochos, the warmth, and the individual care that every child receives from the teachers, from the principals, from the moros, and from the assistants are remarkable. There is no Bais Yaakov in the world that has what our daughters have, with such detailed attention to everything they need. This is because Bais Tova’s hanhalah gives their gantzeh hartz. There’s no laylah and there’s no yom.”

In a sense, that sentiment captures the pervading atmosphere of one of the elite mosdos hachinuch, which, for sixteen years now, under the leadership of its indefatigable founders, Rabbi and Mrs. Yonason Sanders, has represented academic achievement and undiluted chinuch b’derech Yisroel saba, while maintaining state-of-the-art facilities with a happy, cheerful environment.

Bais Tova’s moros and teachers, led by the esteemed menaheles, Mrs. Leah Bursztyn, provide the highest caliber chinuch, simultaneously caring for the students with utmost dedication and warmth. They imbue the talmidos with ahavas haTorah and yiras Shomayim, earning the school a sterling reputation. Bais Tova boasts a parent body that feels fortunate to have entrusted their daughters’ chinuch to such a remarkable mosad.

In the year 2000, Bais Tova opened its doors to a mere three classes: nursery, kindergarten and primary.  he student body grew rapidly, expanding to multiple classes in each grade from nursery thru eighth. When there was a need for an additional high school in Lakewood, Rabbi and Mrs. Sanders once again stepped forward to found Shiras Devorah High School.

The stellar hanhalah members at Bais Tova ensure that the students receive the highest level of chinuch, imparted with warmth and encouragement. Under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Bursztyn, whose efforts are buttressed by the expertise of the principals, Mrs. Taiby Mintz and Mrs. Reva Brandwein, the students are thriving, celebrating milestones and excelling in their studies in a loving and nurturing environment.

The general mood at this special school is one of palpable positivity and simchas hachaim. A visitor to Bais Tova, on any day, at any time, will encounter that tangible joy and cheerfulness, which combine with excellence in education to form a recipe for hatzlachah.

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