Tonight: Aharon Sofer’s 23rd Birthday


aharon-soferThe search for Aharon Sofer has concluded its fifth day, and the feelings of fear and concern are mixed with the reality that tonight, the first day of Elul, is Aharon’s 23rd birthday.

Aharon, whose family lives on 5th Street in Lakewood, NJ, is the sixth of ten children. Those who know him describe him as a remarkable ben Torah, a true baal middos, and a baal acharayus. His disappearance have left his family and friends confounded.

Aharon’s parents released a video posted earlier today on asking people to assist in the effort to find their son, keeping Aharon foremost in their minds and deeds.

Aharon’s father, Reb Moshe Tzvi, remarked that “The only source of yeshuah is the Ribono Shel Olam and everything comes from Hashem.”

A 100,000 shekel award is being offered to anyone with information about Aharon’s whereabouts.

People are asked to call 02.539.1520 with information.

All are asked to keep davening for Aharon ben Chulda.



  1. Are we doing everything in our power to help him return safely? Why aren’t we doing the same for him as we did for Eyal, Gilad and Naftali? Is Aharon ben Chuldah any less special than they were? Where are the tefila gatherings in Monsey, Brooklyn, LA, London, Manchester and elsewhere? Where are the extra mitzvos, the achdus, the no talking in shul and the early Shabbos licht? How can we ask the IDF to mobilize its troops if we haven’t yet mobilized ourselves?

  2. #2 you are right.
    How about starting right now.
    here in EY we have groups saying tehillim and
    we are working on a website now for shmiras halashon for the zechus of Aaron ben Chulds. Hashem should have rachmanus on him and his family and bring our brotherback.

  3. Mama (#2) is right. The circumstances are probably a bit different but there is a quite search effort going on here. I would hope the yidden around the world will start to do their part as well.


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