Tomi Lahren: ‘All Dems Have Is Trump Derangement Syndrome, Russia & Identity Politics’



Tomi Lahren said that Democrats hate the president’s success so much, they’re unaware that he’s actually helping the base they’re looking to support.

She said that prominent Democratic socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) resort to using baseless talking points.


Lahren said Sunday that Ocasio-Cortez has “no idea” what she’s talking about on the campaign trail.

“They hate to see Americans win because it’s bad for them when it comes to midterms and it’s bad for them when it comes to 2020,” she said, arguing that Democrats have no message going into the midterm elections.


“They don’t want to talk about all the great things this president is doing for everyday Americans, so they have to talk about Michael Cohen day in and day out. The average American does not care about that. All the Democrats have is Trump derangement syndrome, Russia and identity politics,” said Lahren.

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  1. The robbery.

    Gang is determined. Grade any rat small and the rest of the swamp dry.

    If there is any swamp bat it might have survived. Otherwise I am now going Tea Party-Gadsden. Being a swamp rat was not good.

    Fun year. If you are not kosher let the swamp be your burial. Gold is only for trust. Trump hits so well.

    My lead bet is even the arabs are going to comply with authority. Let their broken miles grave in. Israel can not take it.

    No democrat left behind. They are all brother to brick dead minds.


  2. What? Democrats have no message going into the midterm elections? Sure they do. Is plastic straws can get you arrested a small accomplishment?

  3. hashem yishmor whatUS has come to that an immature baby who blabbers so much and doesnt relize what mindless stupidity come out of her mouth.

  4. Yeh, Trump is a white racist. That should be enough to run on. That should get the average TV watching schlub off his backside, put down his bag of potato chips and go vote for Oprah, Maxine Waters or Eric Holder. Yay!


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