Toldos Aharon Rebbe: Bochurim Should Not Attend Chasunos


toldos-aharon-rebbe-eyThe Toldos Aharon Rebbe has issued a directive for the members of his kehillah, stating that yeshiva bochurim should not attend weddings because of the tremendous amount of bittul Torah caused. 

The Rebbe explained that, in recent months, there has been a proliferation of weddings amongst Toldos Aharon Chassidim and, with the winter coming, additional weddings are expected, and these events have caused great disruption to the learning sedorim of bochurim who attend. The weddings have particularly affected the sedorim in the late afternoon and evening.

The rule will be implemented in stages. The first stage will be to disallow lower-age bais medrash bochurim from attending, but will permit bochurim in third-year bais medrash, friends of the chosson, participate.

It could very well be that even after the full application of the Rebbe’s takanah that very close friends of the chosson and perhaps some others will be permitted to attend, but the exact details will be determined over time.

“The main goal is purely to reduce the amount of bittul Torah, to the extent possible,” a member of the kehillah explained.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. anyone know the difference between attending a wedding & attending any other simcha?

    by a wedding, as long as you are %100 percent sure the chosson/kalla or the baal simcha (whoever you are coming to give mazel tov) saw your presense & was fully focused at the time, you can then go home. theres no difference rather you stay for 2 minutes or 5 hours (of course bidei shomayim every minute of being misameach a chosson &/or kalla is another mitzva)

    while any other simcha if you leave, your absence will be noticed right away & will cause insult to the ball simcha


  2. In 5734 or 5735 which was approximately 38 years ago, the Bobover Rebbe Z”L told the bochurim not to go to chasunas. His son, the current Bobover Rebbe has reinstated this when he became Rebbe almost 8 years ago.

  3. we don’t just stop by the wedding so u can get some magical bonus points in shamayim. U r there to add to the joy of hatan and kala. U showing ur face with ur gemara on ur side doesn’t do anything

  4. to minimize bitul torah we should make a takanna that chassanas (and other simchot) start on time.

    Think about 50-200 people standing around after the time the chuppa was called for. Waiting for the badeken to start.

    This would save a TON of wasted time (bitul Torah).

  5. How about limiting the time between the chupah and the seudah to 15 minutes. Last chasunah the young couple didn’t come out for 90 minutes. Talk about wasting time!


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