Toeivah Town: Mayor Michael Bloomberg To Officiate At Staffers’ Same-Gender Wedding


bloomberg1Mayor Michael Bloomberg will officiate at one of the city’s first same-gender marriages – the union of two top staffers in his administration.

Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna said the mayor plans to preside over the wedding his chief policy adviser, and Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner.

The “nuptials” (sic) are planned for July 24. That is when the new state law legalizing same-gender marriage goes into effect.

Officials have said they expect a rush of interest on that Sunday, and New York City clerks’ offices are taking the unusual step of opening on a day when government offices normally are closed.

Umalah haaretz toeivah.

{AP/NBC/ Newscenter}


  1. Mr mayor ,public actions like this is a direct challenge to hashem and his are the leader of new york ,so we ask you please don’t bring the wrathof hashem upon us new yorkers you are our mayor too.let someone else license these people

  2. Two nice “Jewish” boychikels with a “Jewish” mayor officiating. The Yidden of New York [at least the ones that voted for Democrats] must be kvelling with nachas at this kiddush Hashem.

  3. What a Chillul Hashem of unimaginable proportions! That’s what this “Jewish” bachelor, who calls himself Mayor of the biggest Jewish population in the world, takes “pride” in??? May his downfall come quick & hard and bring Kvod Shomayim to our Father in Heaven! Will these City Clerks who will be working that Sunday be paid overtime/time & half? Is that Legal? Who authorized this?

  4. Bloomberg’s mother just passed away a few weeks ago, during the battle before the immoral legislation was pushed through, when he was battling for it and making special trips to Albany to lobby. It seems that that slap from above from HKB”H wasn’t enough to wake him up. He has the chutzpah to continue and step up his public rebellion against Hashem. Very dangerous Mayor, Hashem has many ways to make his displeasure felt. He can bring down a multi billionaire instantly, just like he can bring down a homeless person. Don’t think that you, with all your $ can do what you want without consequences.

    His daughter had a very serious accident horseback riding within the last year or so. He almost lost the Mayoral election despite all his spending.

    When will Mike wake up? His grandfather was a Rav. Mike, repent, return to the way of your zeide.

  5. Is this story also appropriate? Where do we draw the line? Can’t see what’s constructive about letting everyone write what they know about the topic in a clever way.

  6. patethic of teh mayoir

    onje thing not to oppose it, but why does he have to officiate????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. It’s ok, you can put your head back in the sand now. I’ll bet you’ll be voting for Christine Quinn for Mayor, next time around. Typical.

  8. How does he have a daughter if he’s a bachelor? If he was once married he is not a bachelor, he’s either divorced or widowed.Is his daughter Jewish? If she isn’t then that would explain it.If you marry a non Jew, it is not considered a marriage.But, then your children wouldn’t be considered Jewish or related to you either. SO is he a divorcee with a Jewish daughter or a bachelor with no daughter?

  9. This is what Chazal tell us, that when a person leaves Torah, he goes to avoda zara. Nowadays liberalism is like an avoda zara, and this is the latest fad.

  10. Bloomberg dines with the Kings. He is leading by example. He is not an orthodox rabbi and has every right to do his municipal duties.


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