Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 7 Kislev



Rav Dovid Sinzheim of Strasbourg, France (1745-1812). He served as President of the “Sanhedrin” established by Napolean, the first meeting of which occurred on February 9th, 1807. He was author of Yad  Dovid.

Rav Shlomo Binyamin Halevi Ashlag, author of the Peirush Hasulam (1983).

Today in History – 7 Kislev

· King Yehoyakim burned a Sefer Torah, 603 BCE – day was made a fast day. (Megilas Ta’anis, perek 9)
· Death of King Herod (4 BCE). His death was celebrated as a Yom Tov by Jews all over. (Megilas Taanis, Perek 9)
· Armistice Day ending World War I, 1918. It is estimated that over 1.5 million Jewish soldiers fought in all the armies and that approximately 170,000 were killed.
· The 42 victims who perished when the Egoz boat capsized off the Moroccan coast while trying to immigrate to Israel in 1962, were brought to burial in Eretz Yisrael 31 years later on this day (1992)

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