Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 7 Elul


flicker_100392Rav Reuven Margulios (1889-1971). His published works range from biographies and history books to discussions of the behavior of Talmud sages, including behavior which is seemingly unusual, and explain it in light of those sages’ halachic opinions. It truly appears that there was no section of Shas or Midrash, no Rishon or Acharon, and no aspect of kabbalah which was not at Rav Margalios’s finger tips. His works include Malachei Elyon (an encyclopedia on angels), Margoliyos Hayam (a commentary on Meseches Sanhedrin), Nefesh Chayah (a commentary on Shulchan Aruch), Nitzotzei Zohar (a commentary on the Zohar and Tikunei Zohar), Olelos (essays on Tanach, Shah, the siddur and history), and many others.

Rav Aryeh Leib Lopian, Rosh Yeshiva of Gateshead (1979)

Today in History – 7 Elul

· Agrippa I dedicated a new gate of the wall of Yerushalayim, 42 CE.
· Jews of Hanover were granted equality, 1848

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  1. Rav Reuven Margulios (1889-1971) HaGaon R’ Reuvein Margolies ztz”l [Marguliot](Yerushalayim 1889-1971), “HaRambam veHaZohar” demonstrates the ‘correlations’ between Maimonides’ Mishne Torah and the Zohar; as well as “Nitzotzei Zohar” between the Tannatic and Amoraic works (such as the Talmud and Medrashim) and the Zohar

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