Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 28 Cheshvan


flicker_100393Rabbeinu Yonah (ben Avraham) of Gerondi,France(1200 [or 1180]-1263). The Ramban’s mother and Rabbeinu Yonah’s father were siblings. Many years later, the Ramban’s son, Rav Shlomo, married the

daughter of Rabbeinu Yonah. Thus, the two great rishonim were mechutanim as well as first cousins. He was a student of Rav Shlomo ben Avraham Min Ha’Har. When King Louis XIV of France, “Saint” Louis,” burnt all the copies of the Talmud in Paris in the Square of the Louvre, Rabbeinu Yonah, one of the Rambam’s main detractors, felt that the events in Paris were a sign that he and the other opponents of the Rambam were seriously wrong. He then composed his work Shaarei Teshuvah, in which he outlined the methods of doing Teshuvah, and he traveled from place to place preaching about the need to back away from matters which cause division among the Jewish People. Among his talmidim are the Rashba and Ra’ah. [Others cite his yahrtzeit as 1, 8, or 11 Cheshvan

Rav Tzvi Bochtinsch (1592 or 1692). An expert in the intricate halachos of shechitah, bedikos, and nikkur, he authored Shechitos U’bedikos Mahartaz and is frequently quoted in these matters by the Mahari Weill.

Rav Zev Wolf, Rav of Salik, author of Nachlas Binyamin (1686).

Rav Eliezer Lieber of Berditchev (1770)

Rav Shalom Eisen. Moreh Tzedek in the Beis Din of the Aida Hachareidis in Yerushalayim for over 50 years, he was a talmid of Rav Isser Zalmen Meltzer.

Today in History – 28 Cheshvan

· Arabs capture Egyptand allow Jews to live in Alexandria, 641.
· Pope Urban II instructed Christians to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims at the Council of Claremont, 1095. This summons eventually became the First Crusade.
· King Charles IV issued protective laws for the Jews of Strasbourg, 1347. However, just two years later 1,000 Strasbourg Jews were burned and the remainder forcibly baptized in response to well-poisoning accusations.
· Solomon Molcho, Marrano mekubal, burned at the stake, 1532.
· Pogrom in Asolo, Italy, 1547, killing ten of the thirty Jews of the town.
· Anti-Jewish riots in Bucharest, Romania, 1593.
· Israel captures Khan Younis, 1956.
· Israel allows thousands of refugees who fled to Jordan in the Six Day War to return, 1968.
· Yasser Arafat calls for the liquidation of Israel before the General Assembly, 1974.

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