Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 27 Av



Rav Yehoshua Charif of Cracow (1648), author of Maginei Shlomo, an attempt to resolve the questions of the Baalei Tosefos against Rashi. He was the great-grandfather of the Pnei Yehoshua. Born in Vilna at end  of 16th century, he arrived in Cracow in 1640 as Rosh Yeshiva, replacing Rav Yoel Sirkis (the Bach) as Rav a few months later. He held the position until Rav Yom Tov Lipman Heller (Tosefos Yom Tov) became Rav in 1643. Among his talmidim was Rav Shabsai Cohen (the Shach).

Rav Avraham Mordechai Alter (1853), son of the Chidushei Harim and father of the Sfas Emes, he was niftar when his son was only 7 years old.

Rav Yehuda Fattiah, Iraqi Gadol and mekubal, author of Beis Lechem Yehuda (1941)

Rav Shmuel Tzvi Hersh Horowitz of Spinka (1921-1997), Spinka Rebbe of Williamsburg, grandson if Rav Isaac Weiss (1875-1944), who was the author of Chakal Yitzchak.

Today in History – 27 Av

· Queen Bona Sforza of Poland confirmed for Polish Jews the same rights that the Jews of Lithuania had been granted, 1533.
· S.A. Bierfield was lynched by the Ku Klux Klan in Franklin, Tennessee, 1868, the first such incident involving a Jew.
· Adolf Hitler, yimach shemo, rejected the post of vice-chancellor of Germany, saying he wanted “all or nothing,” 1932.
· The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, resulting in an estimated 140,000 deaths, 1945. President Truman agreed to the tactic only after six months of intense firebombing of 67 other Japanese cities did not produce the desired surrender of Japan. Three days later, a second atomic bomb was launches, this one on Nagasaki. Six days thereafter, on August 15, Japan surrendered.

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