Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 2 Iyar


yahrtzeit-candlesRav Kalman Vermaiza of Lvov (1560). One of the first marbitzei Torah in Poland.

Rav Nosson Shapiro (1570), author of She’arim eshaarei Dura.

Rav Shmuel Shmelke Horowitz of Nikolsburg, known as the Rebbe Reb Shmelke (1726-1778). The firstborn son of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Chortkov, Shmuel Shmelke traced his ancestry back to the Baal HaMaor and to Shmuel HaNavi. As a teenager, he and his brother Pinchas – who was to become the Ba’al HaFla’a of Frankfurt – would study bechavrusa; their chidushim were printed by Rav Pinchas in a kunterus called “Sheves Achim.” In their early years, Shmuel Shmelke and Pinchas studied Torah in nonchasidic Lithuanian yeshivos; but after traveling to Mezritch and meeting the Maggid, they became his ardent followers. After becoming a chasid, he became Rav of Ritchval, the site of his famous yeshiva that produced his many famous talmidim. After serving there for 10 years, he became Rav of Shiniva. Then, in 1773, he was invited to become Rav of Nikolsburg in Moravia. Although he was there only 5 years, he made a powerful impact, an dhe remains associated with that city to this day. Among his disciples are the Chozeh of Lublin, Reb Menachem Mendel of Rymanov, Reb Yisrael of Koznitz, Reb Mordechai Banet and Reb Moshe Leib of Sassov. His homilies and novellae were published in Divrei Shmuel, and anthologies of his Torah thoughts were published under the titles Imrei Shmuel, Nazir Hashem and Shemen Hatov.

Rav Avraham Dov Ber Auerbach (1812), Rav of Chielnik.

Ra v Yosef Shlofer (1903), author of Poras Yosef.

Rav Avraham Yitzchak Glick (1909), Rav of Tolthova and author of Be’er Yitzchak.

Rav Moshe Zakan Mazuz of Djerba (1851-1915). He learned under Rav Chaim HaKohen, author of Lev Shomea. He was appointed Rav of Charah Zagira in 1905 and became Rav and Av Beis Din in Djerba in 1910. He authored Tzadik Venisgav; Shaarei Moshe (a collection of responsa); Shem Moshe, Shaarei Torah (pilpulim on Torah and Shas), Sever Panim (chidushim on Shas and on the Rambam).

Rav Yosef Nechemia Kornitzer, the last Rav of Krakow (1933)

Rav Avraham Badush of Mexico (1990), author of Me’oros Avraham

Rav Tzvi Hirsh Zaks (1991), grandson of the Choftez Chaim.

Rav Yehuda Meir Abromowitz (1915-2007). He was the chairman of the Agudath Israel World Organization for many years (co-chairman with Rabbi Moshe Sherer when he was alive). He was one of the last Talmidim of Rav Meir Shapira.

Today in History – 2 Iyar

· The first printed edition of Mishnayos with Rambam’s commentary was published in Naples, 1492
· The Supreme Council of the Peace Conference recognized the Balfour Declaration and proclaimed Eretz Yisrael a mandated territory under British administration, 1920.
· German forces marched into Holland, 1940.
· Liberation of 40,000 prisoners at Bergen-Belsen by the British, 1945.

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