Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 12 Sivan


flicker_100392Rav Dovid Pardo of Sarajevo, author of Chasdei Dovid on the Tosefta, and Maskil L’Dovid on Rashi (1710 or 1719-1792). In 1765, he moved from Venice to Bosnia and brought several talmidei chachamim with him. He first moved to Belgrade, then to Sarajevo. His leading disciple in Sarajevo was Rav Avraham Pinso, a native of the city (1740-1820).

Rav Chaim Yisrael Morgenstern of Pilov, son Rav Dovid of Kotzk. And grandson of Rav Menachem Mendel of Klotzk (1905). Author of Shaelu Shelom Yerushalayim and Maaseh Hamenorah, which are included in sefer Shearis Yisrael

Rav Avraham Weinberg, Slonimer Rebbe, the Birkas Avraham (1981). The son of Rav Noach Weinberg, talmid and nephew of the Divrei Shmuel, successor of Rav Mordechai

Today in History – 12 Sivan

· Jews of Ethiopia observed Shavuos on the 12th of Sivan, 50 days after Pesach. When the Ethiopian Jews came to Israel, they readjusted their calendar.
· Sultan Mohammed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, granted equal rights to Jews and other non-Muslim subjects of the Ottoman Empire, 1453.
· Agudath Israel established in Kattowitz, Poland, 1922.

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