Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 12-13 Iyar


yahrtzeit-candlesRav Zorach Eideles of Prague (1755)

Rav Masoud Abuchatzeira, father of the Baba Sali (1835-1908). Born in Taflilat, Morocco, hesucceeded his father, the Abir Yaakov, as Rav of the city in 1880.

Rav Yehuda Tzvi Eichenstein of Dolima (1909)

Today in History – 12 Iyar

· Roman legions under Titus breached the middle wall of Yerushalayim. A counter-attack by the Jews restored the wall to their command, 70 CE.
· Tel Aviv was ravaged by Arabs and Djemal Pasha announced that it was the intention of the Turkish government to purge Eretz Yisrael of its Jewish population, 1917.
· Israeladmitted as the 59th member of the UN, 1949, on the anniversary of Turkey’s declaration in 1917, of its intention to expel the entire Jewish population from Eretz Yisrael.
· In Chechnya, a female suicide bomber killed 18 people in an apparent to assassinate the Moscow-backed chief administrator, Akhmad Kadyrov, 2003. At least 145 people were injured. Kadyrov later became President of the Chechen Republic. An explosion in 2004 killed him along with perhaps a dozen others.

Yahrtzeits – 13 Iyar

Rav Masoud bar Yaakov Abuchatzera, the father of the Baba Sali (1908)

Today in History – 13 Iyar

· The Pope refused to grant permission to the Jews of Cordova, Spain, to build a new shul, 1250.
· The Pope granted liberal privileges to the Jews of Rome, 1402. (Yated 2007 states this happened on 3 Iyar)

· Marshall Henri Philippe Petain, the head of France’s Vichy government during World WarII, was arrested, 1945.

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