Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 1 Sivan


yahrtzeit-candlesRav Meir Halevi Horowitz, the Maharam Titkin (1743). Titkin was founded in 1437. In 1522, ten Jews from Grodno, Lithuania, became the first Jews to settle there. At that time, Lithuania was three times the  size of Poland, stretching from the Baltic almost to the Black Sea, including areas known today as White Russia and Ukraine. Titkin’s first Rav was Reb Mordechai (1538),

Rav Avraham Menachem Halevi Steinberg, Rav of Broide (Brody; Brod) (1847-1928). He was a Sadigerer chassid, was one of the leading poskim of his day, and wrote the sefer Machzeh Avraham.

Rav Eliezer Dovid Greenwald of Satmar, author of Keren LeDovid (1867-1928). Born in Tcharna, Hungary, to Rav Amram Greenwald, the son of Rav Yosef, Rav of Tchechowitz. The family traced its roots to the Panim Meiros, the Chacham Tzvi, and the Maharal. As a youth, Eliezer Dovid was a disciple of his brother, Rav Moshe, the Rav of Chust and author of Arugas Habosem. He founded a large yeshiva in Satmar, Romania, in 1921.

Rav Mordechai Shapiro of Kaminka-Koritz (1947)

Rav Alexander Sender Linchner (1996), son-in-law of Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz and founder of Kiryat Noar (Boystown), Bayit Vegan, in 1953 for for children who had escaped the Holocaust and other destitute Jewish immigrant children. Previously, he started a trade school for 14 boys from Yemen in 1949. He was succeeded by his son, Rav Moshe Linchner.

Rav Aharon Yechiel Leifer, the Nadvorna Rebbe of Tzefas (1912-2000). After losing his wife in children during World War II, Rav Aharon Yechiel moved to Eretz Yisrael and settled in Tzefas, settinjg up the Nezer Hakodesh shul. In Yisrael, he became a chassid of the Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe.

Rav Mordechai Don Waldman of Yeshivas Bais Dovid Monsey (2000)

Today in History – 1 Sivan

· Crusaders reached Cologne and found the gate to the city closed by order of the bishop. Of all the Jewish communities in the path of the Crusaders, Cologne’s Jews were the only ones to escape total destruction.
· Massacre of the Jews of Worms, 1096, commemorated in the Kinah “Mi Yitein Roshi Mayim” by Rav Kalonymus ben Yehuda.
· Crusaders dragged Rabbeinu Tam from his home in Ramerupt, France, and left him critically wounded in a field, 1147.
· Jews of Sicily were forbidden to display any funeral decorations in public, 1393.
· A great number of Jews of Styria, Austria, were burned and the rest were expelled from the country, 1421.
· Marranos of Segovia, Spain, were massacred, 1474.
· Jews barred from living in Riga and Livonia, 1593.
· Rabbi Abraham b. Isaac and six other Jews were martyred in Cracow, 1637.
· Israel, Egypt, and Syria accepted the cease-fire ordered by the Security Council, 1967.
· Knesset approves Gaza-Jericho Agreement by a vote of 52-0. In a speech in a mosque in Johannesburg, Arafat calls for a jihad to liberate Yerushalayim; compares Gaza-Jericho Agreement to a temporary agreement made by Mohammed with the tribe of Kuraish. After Israel protests, Yasser Arafat says he had referred to a religious jihad, which has no military significance.

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  1. Rabbi Linchner’s yartzeit is not 1 Sivan. It is 29 Iyar. I posted a comment with his biographical information on the 29 Iyar page.


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