Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 1 Cheshvan


yahrtzeit-candlesRav Yosef Engel, rav of Krakow and Vienna (1859-1919). Born in Austrian Poland, his rebbe refused to teach him any longer when he reached the age of 12, and between that age and his marriage at 19, he wrote  eleven sefarim. Among his sefarim were Gilyonei Hashas, Shiv’im Panim LaTorah Lekach Tov, Esvan D’Oraysa, and Beis HaOtzar, a Talmudic encyclopedia. His only child, Miriam, married the heir to the leadership of the Kotzker chassidim, but he abdicated that position in order to remain near his father-in-law, Rav Yosef. At age 46, Rav Yosef left his wealthy father-in-law’s home and, for the first time, had to seek a living. He found a position as one of several rabbinical judges in Krakow. During World War I, Rav Yosef fled with hundreds of other Rabbis to Vienna, where he died.

Rav Yisrael Shapira (Spira), the Bluzhover Rebbe (1890-1989). A grandson of the Bnei Yissoschar, Rav Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov. His divrei torah on the parashios and Yomim Tovim were published by his talmidim in the sefer Shufra D’Yisrael in 2007.

Rav Yissachar Dov Ber, the Velbrozher Rebbe, author of Avodas Yissachar (1877)

Rav Akiva Meir, Velbrozher Rebbe, the Divrei Haam, son of the Avodas Yissachar (1918)

Rav Shmuel di Modena, the Maharashdam (1545).

Today in History – 1 Cheshvan

· Shlomo Hamelech finished building the Beis Hamikdosh but waited almost 12 months for the dedication ceremonies to begin on 8 Tishrei, 823 BCE (Yalkut Shimoni Melochim 184)
· The seventh (and last) of the Crusades ended, 1270.
· Kasimir III of Poland renews Jewish privileges, 1334.
· Birth of R’ Chaim Vital (1542)
· Rav Yehuda HaChossid arrived in Yerushalayim, 1700 and died 3 days later. A shul built on land he had purchased for that purpose was named for him, but was destroyed by Arabs in 1720. The Churva Shul, as it became known, was rebuilt in 1837 and destroyed by Arabs again in 1948. The Churva Shul was later rebuilt for the third time.

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