Today’s History & Yahrtzeits – 15 Adar, Shushan Purim


flicker_100392-Rav Zvi Hirsch Kaidanover of Vilna and Frankfurt, author of Kav Hayashar (1712)
-Rav Yosef Leifer of Pittsburgh, the Tzidkas Yosef (1891-1966). Born to Rav Ber of Satmar, Rav Yosef was a descendant of Rav Meir HaGadol of Premishlan. After marrying and living in Krula for seven years, he traveled to America in 1924 to raise funds for his orphaned sisters (his father died when Rav Yosef was 15 years old). One of his stops was Pittsburgh, and he decided to stay. His brothers, Rav Meir and Rav Shalom, also came to America, taking positions in Cleveland and Brighton Beach, respectively. His youngest son, Yitzchak Eizik, passed away when he was elevn. Two other sons, Rav Yissachar Ber and Rav Mordechai were murdered by the Nazis in 1944. Only his oldest son, Rav Avraham Abba, escaped and succeeded him after his petira. Rav Avraham Abba moved to Eretz Yisrael in 1970 and founded Yeshivas Tzidkas Yosef in Ashdod.
-Rav Chaim Kamil, Rosh Yeshivas Ofakim, one of the prime builders of Torah in the Negev (1933-2005). As a bachur, he learned in Yeshiva Slobodka in Yerushalayim. Following his marriage to the daughter of Rav Mordechai Porush, he learned at the Mir and became a talmid muvhak of Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz. After many years, he was appointed Rosh Yeshiva of Me’or Einayim of Rachmistrivka in Yerushalayim, and from 1979 at Ofakim. He was survived by his daughter.Today in History – 15 Adar
· In Wurzburg, Germany, the Jews were accused of killing a Christian and dumping him in the river, and 22 Jews were murdered, including their Rav, Yitzchak ben Elyakim, 1147.
· In Berlin, Germany, riots and street fighting kill twenty Jews, 1848. Anti-Jewish riots also spread to Bavaria, Baden, Hamburg and many other cities.
· Birth of Rav Chaim Soleveitchik, Volozhin and Brisk, 1853
· Jews of Sweden were emancipated, 1870.
· 1500 Jews killed in the Proskorov pogroms in Ukraine in 1919, the largest among hundreds of “Petliura” pogroms perpetrated against Ukrainian and Russian Jews during 1919-1920 which ended in the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews.
· The Soviet tyrant, Josef Stalin died, 1953. His “Doctor’s Plot”‘s accusation against his Jewish doctors fell apart, and hundreds of thousands of Jews were miraculously saved from Stalin’s plan to deport them to Siberia where they would have died of cold and starvation.
· Second U.S.-led war against Iraq commences, March 19, 2003.

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