Today You Will Learn… Preparing and Teaching Masterful Lessons


chinuch-supportToday’s classrooms are different than those in the past. The classroom is more challenging than it was previously and the teacher’s job has become more difficult.  Teaching was never just about simply repeating information, but now it has become even more of an art, requiring much practice, skill and talent.

Without knowing everything about teaching and learning the skills necessary to be a good teacher, many students get lost in the sea of desks and graded papers. Many students forget what they were taught or are only remotely interested in their lessons.

Today You Will Learn…Preparing and Teaching Masterful Lessons can help the teacher succeed. Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg, teacher, principal and educational consultant, offers the key to success in the classroom. With proven techniques, methods and ideas on everything from creating to implementing a lesson plan, the book can help veteran teachers and newcomers.

Today You Will Learn…Preparing and Teaching Masterful Lessons is the equivalent of attending courses for many hours on lesson planning, teaching techniques, and managing a classroom.

With methods, techniques, advice, examples and practical ideas that can be implemented immediately, the book can help train master teachers who have a class of happy students who are eager to learn.

Today You Will Learn is an all-inclusive textbook that goes through every step of a successful lesson and explains the necessity of that aspect of the lesson, how to plan it, and how to execute it. The teacher is guided to teach the lesson with assurance and intelligence, leaving each student with a lasting impression of the lesson.

It is rare to find a classroom where all students are not only engaged in the lesson regardless of topic, but also walk out knowing and internalizing the key points of the lesson. After learning and implementing these techniques, a teacher can be assured that every student, no matter how weak, will enjoy attending class and will go home each day with a new piece of knowledge.

Rabbi Ginsberg’s methods and advice can resolve new classroom challenges and create classrooms where every student is happy, excited to learn, and, above all, ready to learn and internalize new knowledge, skills and concepts. Read more about this program here.

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