Today, Our Daughter’s Murderer Was Freed


terrorists-return-home-111By Dan and Yehudit Davidovicz

The country is ecstatic about Gilad Shalit’s return home to Israel, to safety and to his family.

But how do the victims of terror feel upon hearing that the murderers of their loved ones went home today while the people they murdered will never come home again?

We have received many letters and comments from victims all over the country and the emotional reactions vary significantly.

We are including only one letter to share with all of you tonight.

Today, we see our own impossible dream being lived out by the Shalit family, as they welcome home Gilad. And the permanence and emptiness of our losses are reinforced.

Nobody from the Israeli government has reached out to us since the list of prisoners to be released was publicized. We went onto Google to find the website of the Israel Prisons Service, and there we had to search through an online list of 477 names, which were not even in alphabetical order, to see if the murderer of our beautiful daughter Ahuva, of blessed memory, was there. Ahuva was a 30-year-old lawyer, and a mother of two.

There we saw his name. Number 127 on the list. Nizar Delize Hader Muhammed.

Today, our murderer was freed. He has been pardoned by our President. He is now home in Gaza.

Today, we are at the OneFamily Center in Jerusalem. The loved ones of victims of terror gathered together to watch the drama unfold on screen – sharing together our pain, our grief, our anger, our sense of being forgotten, our feeling of injustice and our broken hearts.

Just being there together has already made our load a little easier to bear, and this recurring nightmare a tiny bit more digestible.

Being able to come into the warm welcome, the understanding and supporting love of OneFamily’s professional team, who know each of us so well and who connect with our pain so intimately, is a life saver and a gift that saves each of us from drowning in the trauma and pain of our loss.

Thank you for your support throughout our never-ending journey of grief and survival. Thank you for bringing OneFamily into our lives, and with it, allowing the sunshine to peep out from behind the darkest clouds of our bereavement.

With love,

Dan and Yehudit Davidovicz
Beit Meir, Israel
Parents of Ahuva Amergi, of blessed memory, who was murdered on February 18, 2002 at the Kissufim junction.

{Dan and Yehudit Newscenter}


  1. I read this and I am crying.
    My heart goes out to my fellow Jews who wrote this letter. May you know no more pain and may you be consoled for the loss of your daughter. I will never know what you have gone through, but know that I and all your fellow Jews who read this website and read your letter are thinking of you and will never forget what you wrote here for as long as we live. We will think of you every day.

    We are in this together;. Your daughter was ours.

  2. To the Davidoviczes and all who have so deeply been impacted by terror: you can be sure that I am not just speaking for myself when I say that as much simcha as I’ve felt today, it has been matched by pain and thoughts of you all, and sincere best wishes. We are all in this together.

  3. I hope this being and his likes should die very soon, and not pleasantly.
    It is however inexcusable that the government has not show sensitivity and decency by informing the families.
    I don’t really have any words for the bereaved families, as some things are beyond words. I wish to express my appreciation for the OneFamily centers and their help to terror victims and their families. We should all try to support them as possible.

  4. We are all happy at Gilad Shalit’s release and freedom, but at what cost? Very little is written and talked about the victims of these savage murderers. Every Jewish heart and decent human being’s heart goes out to the families of the victims of the atrocities perpetrated on their loved ones by these terrorists, yimach shmom. The only way this will stop is when Israel goes back to the way they once were and starts showing no mercy on the wicked. There should never be any terrorist prisoner in Israeli jails; capital punishment is the answer for these crimes. Instead there are good loyal and patriotic Jews still sitting in Israeli prisons because they love Eretz Yisrael. But, we pray that Hashem has plans for the wicked and their end. Apparently, some people have noted that ch. 60(for Tuesdays) in Tehilim actually indicates Gilad’s release.


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