TODAY: Massive Kimcha DePischa Program Underway



Rina* is 7 years old, and as the parents of the neighborhood finish up their cleaning and pre-holiday preparations, the children have all gone outside to play. Rina, however, stays home. Unbeknownst to her friends, her absence is not because she is not feeling well. Rina’s shoes have holes, and she is embarrassed to wear them next to her friends, who have gotten their new clothing for the season. Rina’s parents work hard at their jobs, but they can’t afford another pair of shoes for the little girl right now. As she walks past the store fronts in the Geula shopping area of Jerusalem, she looks longingly at other little girls purchasing clothing for the chag. These childhood memories leave a deep imprint on her relationship with Pesach.

Two days remain before the chag, and many families are still unable to purchase essentials such as cleaning supplies, clothing, and groceries. Kupat Ha’Ir’s massive kimcha depischa campaign is already underway, distributing supplies to poor families around Israel. These care packages allow them to prepare for the holiday with dignity.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky has put his stamp of approval on the project, offering donors his bracha for “abundance and ease in ruchniyus and gashmiyus.” This is an extremely practical bracha, during a crucial time of year.

Whether it is sponsoring shoes for a girl like ‘Rina,’ or buying a poor family a roast for the seder, this is a deeply meaningful place to give your tzedaka during this powerful time of year.

Donations are being accepted until the end of Pesach.



*This story is fabricated, as the many families involved in the program prefer to keep their identities concealed.


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