Today In Monsey: Camp Nageela Hosting A Pidyan Peter Chamor At Evergreen


We have exciting news to share. Camp Nageela’s farm experienced a new addition two days before Yom Kippur with the birth of a baby boy donkey. Mazal tov!

This donkey is a first born, a bechor. Therefore, the mitzva of pidyan peter chamor will be performed. (For those unsure what that is, it is a mitzva similar to pidyan haben).

The pidyan event will be open to the public and will take place this Thursday, Chol Hamoed, @ 5pm in the Evergreen Monsey Supermarket parking lot, (Town Square Mall, 59 Route 59, Monsey, NY 10952). All are invited to attend.

We will be selling shares in the donkey, which will make you a participant in this rare and special mitzva. Shares must be purchased before the event. Shares can not be purchased by a kohen or levi. The proceeds of these shares goes to support kiruv richokim and lomdei Torah .

Regular shares are $100. There is a discounted price of $36 for bachurim, students and kollel members.

Buy shares at

Please pass this message on to your family and friends and help support Camp Nageela.
Thank you



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