Today: 75th Yahrtzeit of the Minchas Elazar zt”l


minchas-elazar-1The 75th yartzeit of the revered Munkatcher Rebbe zt”l, author of Minchas Eluzar is being commemorated today, the 2nd day of Sivan. Thousands of Munkatcher Chassidim will converge on the central Munkatcher  Beis Medrash on 47th Street and 14th Avenue in Boro Park to partake in the Yartzeit Seudah and Siyum Hashas led by the current Rebbe shlita, grandson of the Minchas Eluzar.

The revered Minchas Eluzar ztl, HaRav Chaim Eluzar Spira, served as Munkatcher Rebbe from the time his saintly father, the Darkei Tshuva of Munkatch passed away. Under his dynamic leadership, the town of Munkatch, located in the Carpathian Mountains in what is today Ukraine, grew in spiritual leaps and bounds as a center for Torah and Chasiddus. During those pre WW2 years, Munkatch reached the climax of its glory and boasted over 30 shtiblach, a yeshiva which attracted hundreds of talmidim from all over Europe, chadarim, Jewish hospitals and orphanages, which were under the auspices of the Minchas Eluzar. He authored close to thirty seforim on all sections of torah, which are used in every corner of the world by yidden from all backgrounds.

The Minchas Eluzar was niftar on the second day of Sivan 1937 after suffering from a lengthy illness. From that fateful day on, the day “Beis Sivan” has served as a day of gathering and inspiration for Munkatcher Chassidim all across the globe. In the many Munkatcher shtiblach in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Eretz Yisroel, seudos are held and siyumim are made in honor of the yartzeit. The elderly Chasidim who were zoche to see the holy Rebbe ztl refresh their memories and share their personal stories with the next generations. The main gathering takes place at the tish of the current Rebbe shlita in Boro Park, where hundreds of Chasidim, young and old partake in the seudah and Siyum Hashas which is completed in three cycles by Chasidim worldwide.

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