To My Friend, Yisroel Levin z”l


Dearest Yisroel,

My heart has broken into an unimaginable amount of pieces… and the infinite amount of tears I shed are not for no reason. I do not know how or what to say or do…

My buddy and truest friend, your friendship is one that I shall cherish forever and always. I cant believe, that these words I am typing, are to describe you at this most unfathomable moment. You are the HAPPIEST person I know! Your genuinty, pure goodness and incredible sense of humour always affected those around you!!! And your depth! Especially your depth!! The way you look at everything from a unique perspective!! Always with a positive spirit, with that Trademark smile… You see?!?!?! I can’t stop singing your praises! Yisroel! I may have lost my incredible friend, but worse, the world has lost a perfect neshama, now in a better place! You would be all humble right now, hearing all this praise, but my dear friend, this is not just praise, it’s the raw truth. I haven’t even written up an iota about the role model you were and are, but feel as though I am unable to go on writing much longer, because how is it possible to say one last goodbye to someone you could never let go?

I will never forget that first time you walked into Beis Yeshaya’s 4th floor, all full of smiles and good cheer. We introduced ourselves and instantly became friends for life (yes, you would say that its corny), but Yisroel! I stand by what I have always said, we ARE friends for life!

Thank you soo much for all the good memories, and invaluable moments. Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything.

One of the last conversations we had was about what it means to be an eved hashem and how important it is to be a good yid. Hashem was listening dear friend, and he has taken you up to be with him in shamayim, and although it hurts soo bad that you are no longer on this world, you are indeed in a better place.

May you and your Kalah Elisheva’s neshamas have an aliya.

Your friend for life,

Moishe Jakubowicz


  1. Wow. Beautiful. I know the chevrah of this boy. All a wonderful close knit chevrah. All Looking after eachother. May h’ bless the families and friends with the strength and chizuk to carry on the light of these pure neshomos and may we all see moshiach tzidkeinu!

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