Tiveria Scandal Draws Condemnation


sefer-torahEvery year a grand celebration, together with a grand parade, is conducted for the yahrtzeit of the Tanna, Rav Meir Baal Haness, on 14 Iyar. Rav Meir Baal Haness is buried in Tiveria, adjacent to the Kinneret.

The yahrtzeit celebration brings large crowds of people. This year the yahrtzeit fell on Wednesday, May 18.

Word leaked that the four sifrei Torah taken out for the yahrzeit parade procession were deliberately rendered posul by having a section of each Torah removed and sent to sofrim for inspection. A manager of the Tiveria site said it was done as protection against a sefer Torah falling during the joyous parade, which would require everyone present to fast 40 days. Further, there was no possibility a kosher sefer Torah was possibly held by a ritually contaminated person.

A storm of outrage ensued as soon as this became public. The rabbis of Tiveria publically castigated all who were involved and warned against its repetition.{Rabbi G Tannenbaum/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. What is the heter even to remove a sefer torah from its makom kavua? The sofer should be put out of business, and the lot of these people who trumpet mishpat elohei neichar ha’aretz as minhag Teveria need to be reeducated as to what is and what is not Yahadus.

  2. Is a parade with a Sefer Torah according to your thinking mutar? Only taking it to a sofer is osur?
    And what do you want from the sofer did he take it on his own?
    Maybe the rov or gabbai of the shul did?
    You really are a Bad Boy!

  3. The taking of part of the sifrei Torahs was deliberate, in order to disqualify the sifrei Torahs while they would be used for the parade. The sofer is an innocent bystander.

  4. Dear Mr. # 1,
    Read # 4.
    So from now on before accusing anyone of anything and ruining his parnoso by your “kanous” check out the facts.


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