Tisha B’Av Morning Davening & Kinnos in Woodridge Shul for Men and Women Led by Rav Sherer


rabbi-shimshon-shererOnce again, this year, Rav Shimson Zelig Sherer, noted rov in Flatbush, will be leading the recital of Kinnos on Tisha B’Av morning at the Woodridge Shul in Woodridge, NY, with extensive commentary throughout the Kinnos.

Shacharis will begin at 8:15 a.m., with Kinnos to follow until approximately chatzos.

The event is for both for men and women. (The balcony upstairs in the Woodridge Shul will be open.)

Please bring along your own Kinnos.

“The recital of Kinnos b’achdus, united together as one kehillah, and our understanding the meaning of the Kinnos on many levels, is truly a great zechus for all of us,” Rav Sherer told Matzav.com.

If you will be at all near the Woodridge vicinity on Shabbos Chazon or on Tisha B’Av , be sure to join Rav Sherer Sunday morning of Tisha B’Av.

“Hopefully, as it did 4 years ago for so many, B”H, it will give the Kinnus and the entire day of Tisha B’Av new found meaning. And, as it was then, it will, bez”H, be a very special Tisha B’Av experience for all of us to share in together,” said the rov. “Bez”H, we are mispallel that by the time Tisha B’Av comes around we will already be with Moshiach in Yerushalayim in the Bais Hamikdash.”

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  1. make sure to come on time, it fills up pretty quickly. Shkoyach to the noted askan R’ Chatzkel for helping to arrange this.


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