Tiny Parking Ticket Mistake Costs NYC $26M


The city Department of Finance discovered earlier this year that while the code number for a certain violation was changed from 4-08h10 to 4-08h1, the switch never made it to a half-million tickets given out by traffic agents for the violation.

Since the wrong code technically invalidates the tickets, the city had no choice but to refund and dismiss about $18 million in tickets to more than 400,860 drivers who had paid them and dismissed another 100,000 which would have been worth another $8 million.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Great!
    I’m from NJ so I didn’t get some of the loot but I’m happy for MYers. Those ticket agents are ruthless and all too eager to issue summonses which serves nearly only to fill the city’s coffers. NJ and NY alike do all they can to tax-burden the population by issuing summoses.
    Finally a tax refund with Trenton and Albany!!!Huray!

  2. Since almost the entire ticket industry in NYC is just doing business and collecting revenue, it is simply a business loss for the city, not any different than when a local store places a 99 cent sticker on a 99 dollar item. Were it actually about law enforcement or quality of life issues, I may have felt just a tad bad for the cash strapped administration. Oh, well, now the meter maids will have to do some more walking and desperately looking for violators, to earn their ill-deserved salaries.

  3. Thanx go out to Bl$$mberg who started the whole GOTCHA industry. It’s all about gotcha. How can we hurt the hardworking taxpayers of NYC?


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