Tim Kaine Tweets About “Gun Violence” at OSU After Islamist Knife Attack


Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP candidate, is back in the news. Yesterday, he tweeted after the incident at Ohio State:

Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning. Praying for the injured and the entire Buckeye community.

A Somali student ran into a group of fellow students with his car and then got out and stabbed a few more.

The terrorist was killed by a campus police officer with a gun.

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  1. am i missing something here? loser Tim Kaine is “saddened by the senseless act of GUN VIOLENCE” (caps mine)? what he should be saddened by is the senseless act of TERRORISM. this guy used his car and his knife. he did not have a gun. the cops that shot him dead had a gun. is mr kaine referring to the senseless act of COP/GUN violence? please, someone, explain this to me.

  2. I understand that he’s deeply saddened by the gun violence perpetrated by the police against an innocent man simply giving expression to his faith. Perhaps if we were more inclusive and not so prejudiced this senseless gun violence would not have taken place.

  3. What gun violence is he delusional maybe they will start a new “knife control ” and car control ” movement I would suggest that we give them their own refugee camps with gates and nobody will bother them or profile them and they can put down as many rug as as they want

  4. This just goes to show what a low despicable rodent this Kaine character is. He is so stupid that he just spits forth the Democrat talking points before he even has any idea of what really happened. The Muslim didn’t even have a gun. We must thank G-d that this idiot is not going to be our VP.

  5. He really meant “knife control”.
    After losing the VPship to Pence, he lost some of his mind.
    He won’t get locked up for that.

  6. In the intimidate aftermath their were rumors swirling that the terrorist had a gun. However, that doesn’t excuse the liberal left’s knee jerk reaction to terrorism as a “gun control” issue!

  7. How is this in any sense a jewish interest? A man of a different political stance is attacked for petty mis-appreciated commentary that does not denote any incompetency regarding a scary event that was not in anyones own hands.

    Masterful hate of human character. Only a false hate minded right wing agenda would go after Mr. Kaine while the blood of the OSU students is still to be considered scared.

    Terriblly hateful to any human government or faith in G-d.


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