Tillerson Slams Iran for ‘Alarming Provocations’


U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday lashed out at Iran for what he described as “alarming ongoing provocations” aimed at destabilizing the Middle East. Tillerson said a review of U.S. policy on Iran announced Tuesday will examine not only its compliance with the 2015 nuclear agreement—which the White House has said it is adhering to—but also its behavior with other countries in the Middle East. “A comprehensive Iran policy requires we address all of the threats posed by Iran and it is clear there are many,” Tillerson said. According to the secretary of State, the nuclear agreement focuses too narrowly and fails to take other aspects of ties with Tehran into account.

“That is why we have to look at Iran in a very comprehensive way in terms of the threat it poses in all areas of the region and the world,” he said. He went on to criticize the nuclear agreement, negotiated by former President Barack Obama, saying it “represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face from North Korea.” Tillerson’s comments echo those of President Trump, who repeatedly railed against the nuclear agreement during his campaign and hinted that he’d do away with it. In May, Trump is expected to decide whether or not to extend sanctions waivers for Tehran that were introduced under Obama. Read more at BBC NEWS.



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