Threefold Increase Of Chareidi College Students


Over the past six years, the number of chareidi students in colleges and universities almost tripled by 140% according to Central Bureau of Statistics data. At present, 11,000 chareidim are studying in academic institutions compared to only 4,500 in 2010. 68% of the chareidi students are women. The number of chareidim studying for master’s degrees rose by 300% during the same period to 1,243. Nonetheless, such students are only a fraction of the student body, constituting a mere 4.8% of Israeli Jews studying for BAs, 2.4% of Israeli Jews studying for master’s, and 0.6% of Israelis Jews studying for doctorates.

Despite attempts of the Higher Education Council to increase chareidi enrollment in universities, most learn in chareidi colleges or take the correspondence courses of Open University, where minimal attendance is required. Only 12% attend chareidi programs at universities. The most popular college courses taken by chareidim are education (10.7%), paramedics (10.3%) and law (6.7%).

The dropout rate of chareidi students is higher than that of the general population. 24% of chareidi students who began studying for BAs during the last scholastic year dropped out within a year compared to 8.2% for the general Jewish population.

{ Israel News}


  1. Unfortunately, since secular employees don’t want to hire chareidi workers, this initiative has been less than successful – proving that our “poverty” never was our “fault,” rather that of the chilonim who want us to stay underemployed… Sounds like the גוים who would steal from us and then say we’re poor. (See this week’s Hebrew Mishpacha magazine for in depth report.)


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