Thousands Riot Along Gaza Border


Thousands of Palestinian Arabs rioted on Friday along the security fence with Gaza, hurling several firebombs and IEDs. Two Arabs were shot dead while no injuries to IDF soldiers were reported.

In addition, several suspects crossed into Israel and then immediately retreated to the Gaza Strip.

IDF troops responded with riot dispersal means and fired according to standard operating procedures, said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. These are the people Israel wants to have a cease fire with.

    Why bother just go in there and clean them out once and for all.

    Maybe someone can figure out a way to detach the Gaza Strip from the mainland and float it out to sea far far away.

    • It’s very simple. Give free one way boat rides to Europe. Most would leave for a better life. And Europe would be forced to take them in. This way let our enemies kill each other.

  2. That’s right Israel….open the Kerem Shalom crossing for them…they are SUCH PEACEFUL PEOPLE…They would NEVER do what the Fake Media reports about them….

  3. Hamas reads ceasefire as sees and fire. How many times will the Israeli government be hoodwinked by the lying gangsters of Hamas. They have zero intention of keeping one iota of the agreement. All Hamas wanted was a break to regroup then blame Israel if they defend themselves.

  4. I’m very mad at Israel. How dare they murder 2 unarmed Palestinians?! There was no reason to destroy their loving family’s lives for nothing. Cory Booker & I call on President Trump to cut ALL funding to the apartheid State of Israel!

  5. Will the Great PM Ariel Sharon finally admit that his expulsion of 9,000 Jews 13 years ago on Tisha b’Av was a huge mistake? Oh wait … he got his due punishment and suffered for 8 years and then died with a handful of people at his funeral because of that.


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