Thousands of Children Join Grand Finale of Bedford Center’s Avos U’banim Winter Program

In a night that capped off a successful 12-week Motzeh Shabbas program, thousands of boys came out to the Continental Hall in Williamsburg where they were treated to an exciting evening on the final week of Bedford Center’s winter Avos U’banim program.
The Avos U’banim program was hosted in Bedford Center’s beautiful facility in Williamsburg. Over the years, Bedford Center has earned a reputation for its great service, care and dedication to its patients. This endeavor undertaken by the Center’s leadership to provide patients with an opportunity to spend time with their grandchildren, and children of the community in general.
With the calendar hitting the month of March and the clock about to be moved forward, this past weekend was the final week of this remarkable program. To celebrate the success of the Avos U’banim, the organizers put together a wonderful event where the children heard from captivating speakers, received gifts and refreshments, and were treated to an unforgettable experience.
The finale of Avos U’banim was conducted in conjunction with the Keren Tosfos Yom Tov organization which encourages adults and children to recognize the kedusha of the Beis Medrash by not talking during davening. The children learned about the importance of these Halachos and got inspiration to promote kovod in a Beis Medrash.
The event started with a speech from Harav Pinchas Spitzer who took the opportunity to talk to the children about the importance of being friendly to one another, and be conscious to never hurt another kid’s feelings. The children also heard from Harav Chaim Yehuda Aryeh Breuer, principal of Skver Cheder in Borough Park who spoke about the tremendous significance of Morah Mikdash and not talking during davening. The night finished off with an entertaining skit where talented performers acted out a story which expounded on this topic as well.
As the night and the season came to an end, the smiles on the faces of the children and their parents testified to the great success of this Motzeh Shabbos program. The valuable lessons taught and the memories generated will surely stay with the children for a long time to come.


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