Thousands of Boxes Transform The Pesach Of 37,000 Children


Until this past Monday, 37,000 children across EretzYisroel were doomed to a seder without matzos and wine, and a Pesach without joy. 48,000 pounds of matzos and meat, and hundreds of Tov V’Chesed volunteers later, these children are looking forward to regal sedarim overflowing with wine, good food and happiness.


Hundreds of trucks loaded with wine, matzos, and countless nonperishable kosher l’Pesach food items have been pouring into the Tov V’Chesed warehouse in Yerushalayim for weeks. Each day closer to the annual Tov V’ChesedPesach distribution brought new mounds of high quality Pesach necessities, until the place rivaled the warehouses of gigantic supermarkets.

The heaps of food and anticipation climaxed last week when hundreds of eager volunteers arrived to fill thousands of boxes for over 4,500 families with everything a family could need for Pesach. The energy in the warehouse was at an all-time high throughout, as volunteers feverishly filled boxes in efficient assembly lines, completing packages of Pesach necessities at record-breaking speed.

The Tov V’Chesed team hardly had a moment to celebrate when the massive packing process was done – trucks loaded with fresh produce, fish and meat started rolling in almost immediately.

With the warehouse filled to capacity, mounds of fruits and vegetables started piling up outside, until the beginning of this week when it was time for the real purpose of the past weeks’ frenetic activity: delivering the food packages to needy families in 35 cities in Israel who would otherwise be doomed to hunger on Pesach.


For a child who goes to sleep with an empty stomach night after night, nothing is more exciting than a grocery order at his doorstep. That’s exactly what children of needy families greeted at their door with squeals of delight this week, blissfully unaware that behind these boxes were months of preparation, thousands of donors from around the world and hundreds of dedicated Tov V’Chesed volunteers.

This year’s Pesachdistribution marks the fifteenth year that Tov V’Chesed successfullybestowed hungry children with a plentiful and happy Pesach, under the leadership of Rabbi Yaakov Eliezer Shisha, the visionary who vowed to end the hunger and shame of every child in EretzYisroel. Once more, tens of thousands of children will be sitting at a regal Seder table, reveling in yom tov with their youthful joy and dignity intact.

But Rabbi Shisha isn’t content. Although the distribution is officially over, hundreds of applications for assistance are still pouring in! Despite the hard work involved, Rabbi Shishawould go to any length to deliver food to these desperate families too, but he needs your financial help to make it happen.

Please join Tov V’Chesed’s campaign to spread simchas yom tov to every last hungry child in EretzYisroel by sending your kimchad’pischa today.Every dollar you send will make ahuge difference to a hungry child!

Send your Pesach package now, and head to your Seder with the knowledge that a young child in Israel is celebrating Pesach with joy only thanks to you.

Donations could be made via mail: PO box 855, Monsey, NY 10952, via phone: 845-517-0656, or by visiting


Image 1           Volunteers filling boxes with Pesach necessities       

Image 2           Volunteers in an assembly line filling thousands of boxes with Pesach necessities at record speed

Image 3           Pesach food delivery appearing like a regular grocery order outside an impoverished family’s door

Image 4           Mounds offruits and vegetables for the massive Pesachdistribution outside Tov V’Chesed’s warehouse

Image 5           Volunteers delivering a food package to a family in need

Image 6           Unloading a delivery of hundreds of sacks of vegetables






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